Normandy: in the Sunshine

"Today's sun dries yesterday's tears," the museum guide at one of Normandy's storied beaches shares with us.  The thought is fitting. It's hard to envision battle and bloodshed against a backdrop of such coastal beauty. The velvety tan sand glides with our feet, as we take in the historic sites under a gray, yet pleasant, sky, while locals ride horses along the teal shoreline.

Along Normandy, each story has a place in which to live: statues, monuments, museums, marked paths, watch stations, bridges, barricades and imposing cathedrals and chapels built on faith, I marvel at the history lessons -- more poignant here than in any classroom in any school across the world. It's a humbling and sobering experience. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

As each narrative unravels, I attempt to make sense of the senseless and pay my respects to those who so strongly felt a calling, who so valiantly fulfilled their duties, the ones who with conviction and faith set out to do what they felt they were called to. What a magnificent notion.

On the heels of what has been a long election cycle, in the midst of global conflicts, religious divide and tensions of ideals, I can't help but find some comfort and perspective. The world will unfold as it should. Today will one day be the past, but it is also yesterday's future. We must aim to dwell in the sunshine.