Journaling on the Journey

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."

Having worked in travel PR for nearly seven years now, I've been deeply immersed in the industry: the facts and figures many never see (nor think about), the research and trends that help the industry evolve, others' travel stories and, of course, the individual journeys themselves.

But why am I so captivated by it all? Why am I so prone to the wonders of journeying? After all, not everyone feels the tug of wanderlust, and even among those who do, not all would deem travel as essential to their existence.

I find the same joy in simple, nearby escapes as I do in long-planned adventures. At their core, each is equally important, spiritually enriching and culturally invigorating. Each provides the opportunity to discover a different nook of the world, a space not before known to me, a spot in which I can observe life from a first-row, 3D-cinema seat.

No matter the journey, the currency for my travels is curiosity. Whether I'm traveling to NYC on business for the 101st time, venturing out to a remote yet nearby location for a new hike with my husband, exploring the West Coast with my best friend or hopping on a transatlantic flight, the thrill is unearthing the unknown. The souvenirs are most often inspirations, lessons, photos or newfound "faves."

It's in the unfamiliarity of a destination -- the menus of seemingly strange local dishes, the confusion of a foreign tongue, the getting lost from time to time only to find you've arrived exactly where you wanted to, the delight of connecting with a stranger through food or smiles or "a little bit of English, a little bit of French" exchange -- that the magic of travel lies. It's that magic that exhilaratingly and humbly feeds my desire to experience it again and again.

As I return from my biggest journey in a while, it's not surprising I'm wide-eyed and more inspired than ever to chip away at those corners (close-by and far-away) that beckon me to read as many chapters, prologues, verses and poetic snippets of the world as I possibly can.