Hi. Hola. Ciao. I’m Valeria.

Dreamer. Grammar Geek. Wanderlusting Storyteller. Writer. Editor. Lover of Sunshine, Sunsets, Stories and Style.

I can most often be found contemplating, traveling, writing, reading, cooking, dining, listening to live music and taking in the outdoors -- preferably at the same time and in the company of my husband and golden retriever, Summer (whom you're likely to meet on these pages along the way).

I'm passionate about stories – finding them, reading them, writing them and sharing them. I have had the privilege to cultivate this passion professionally over a decade-long career that has granted me opportunities to tell stories from the beaches of Miami and the creative hub of Virginia to the magical mountainsides of Aspen and the laidback coasts of Central California. Today, I help clients identify, craft and share their stories as a freelance Communications Consultant and Freelance Writer, though my own consulting business, The Palm Tree Type.

Originally from Buenos Aires and raised in Miami Beach, I'm fluent in Spanish, Malbec and fútbol. I have a B.S. in Public Relations and an M.A. in Strategic Communications and a Heart-Driven Passion for Writing and Editing.

Always the optimist, I believe that connecting with and learning from one another is the surest way to break down barriers and spread some joy. Consider this site my virtual olive branch of sorts – and please do stay in touch!

<3 xo