The Day After

I made myself a little note. A reminder, if you will. 

What happened last night is a disgrace, a shame, a wake-up call. It's a blow to the foundations of this country, to the dreams that have been sown on to the tapestry of this great nation, to the optimism that runs rampant among my generation, to the hope I had that we were just a tad better than what the underbelly blogs, message boards and comments were indicating.

I am aware that neither candidate was an ideal, that they were divisive and even questionable in their own ways, but if you truly, deeply believe that the better candidate won America's vote last night... if you think that a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, cocky, thoughtless, short-fused, politically inexperienced, entitled, irreverent character is a solid representation of this country...well, please just keep it to yourself.

We have a lot of work to do. In the days and months that follow, when the media circus dies down, I pray we'll find some purpose and determination to push forward, to have faith, to not falter in fighting and rebuilding and strengthening the America we believe in, the America we want. 

Valeria L. Palmertree