So, Here I Am

This blog did not happen by chance. It has been a deep-seated desire of mine to kick into gear over the past few years, but as irony would have it, I let everyday life get in the way of my writing — the one hobby that makes my often-chaotic life more bearable. I beat myself up over it constantly, which seems like a silly thing to do, given it’s 100 percent in my control. In all fairness though, everyday life has been a little bit out of the ordinary over the past year and a half, during which I transitioned into my role as a military spouse with a 10-month deployment, moved cities (and states and time zones), changed jobs and unexpectedly lost my most-dear mom (more on that at some other time). Without a doubt, the past year has been a bit of an intense training ground, which seems somewhat timely (in a coming-of-age sort of way) given the recent arrival of my 30th year.

It comes as no surprise to those who know me well that I’ve been itching to let my thoughts flow on paper (or, hmm, screen) for a good while. I feel like I have a lot to share these days — with myself, if no one else. On the heels of the New Year, I found it fitting to just “let it go” and proceed with my plan. The fact that you’re here, reading this post (if only this one single post), makes my writing worthwhile. I don’t expect anything from this endeavor — just an outlet, a canvas of sorts on which to leave an online collection of my random musings in the very-likely form of words, photos, travels, dishes and whatever else may come my way.

Consider this my reemergence in the blogosphere. I hope you’ll stick around. And if have any suggestions, comments or random (albeit related) musings of your own, let me know.