Heart in a Bowl

That's heart in a bowl right there. Filling, warm, evocative, storied, forgiving and a little gritty. It's also Chef Ross Riddle's favorite Thanksgiving recipe -- a blend of old and new traditions, the best of his and his mom's collaboration in the kitchen, back where the seed for his Hashi food truck was first planted.

With every dish comes a story. With every person I have the honor to interview, I get a not-to-be-taken-for-granted glimpse into a universe of stories for which, just moments ago, I had no reference . It's an interesting, exciting and humbling discovery.

Then, every once in a while, that discovery paves the way for an inner one, too. Shared experiences serve as common threads among people. Genuinely serendipitous moments become opportunities for sharing, healing and inspiring.

I don't take those key moments lightly. It's moments like today that distinguish the "work days" from the "magic days," the BS from the realness. They remind me of the good that can come from the extremely bad. They provide perspective. They fuel creativity and motivation. They foster collaboration. They come from our ability to -- at the core of our existence -- connect with one another. And that's the most heartfelt bridge we can build. I am to nurture that connectivity often.