Christmas Time

Over the years, you too quickly learn that it's not about Santa, nor about presents and cards or a beautifully trimmed tree (though all are quite nice). You learn that if you could have anything in the world, you'd ask for time, simply more time.

Time to cherish each other. Time devoted to laughter, to talking and connecting. Time to memorize each other's faces and share in every detail memories of the past. Time to truly remember every moment.

Every moment spent together is what this time of year is all about. While distance makes it hard to be physically there (the bulk of our family is spread across two hemispheres), while there has yet to be a telephone to Heaven (I'm working on it), while not being "home" can at times feel daunting, I've learned that moments can still be shared -- in fun and high-tech ways and in more spiritual, mindfully meditative ones, too.

As we FaceTime across continents, exchange photos, talk on the phone, light candles, play special music and carry out our traditions, we're reminded of the warmth and importance of those moments, however they may have evolved. After all, however we choose to keep each other present, it's being "here" that is the greatest Christmas present of all.

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

(Photo taken on Christmas Eve 1992 in Buenos Aires)